About our Yoga Teachers

Brisbane’s best yoga teachers

Monica Deane

Favourite pose Natarajasana (Dancer's pose) - I love the feeling of being in equilibrium - finding the perfect balance. Why did you start doing yoga? I suffered from chronic tension headaches and was a stress [...]

Kye Cole

Favourite pose Uttanasana (standing forward bend) Why did you start doing yoga? I started doing yoga because I was in physical pain and discomfort and the only treatment or therapy that really seemed to work [...]

Eliza Gill

Favourite pose Tough question and I'm tempted to say my favourite poses are the poses that I find the most difficult as they very quickly and obviously point out the lessons I need learn - straight [...]

Nic Matthews

Favourite pose Resting squat (malasana)- great for the hips, low back, ankles and digestive system and can be done anywhere. Why did you start doing yoga? I started doing yoga for stress relief and to [...]

Kellie Judd

Favourite pose My favourite pose is down dog...we do it so much in Yoga and I have never disliked it...it's perfect for balancing, activating and lengthening so many parts all at the same time. Why [...]

Dee Hughes

Favourite pose? Savasana because it was one of my most challenging to enjoy being still and quiet. Why did you start yoga? I suffered for many, many years with a chronic debilitating illness and yoga [...]

Heather Kinang

Favourite pose? Handstand, because I struggled with it for so long. Overcoming the fear factor, overcoming the feelings of being inadequate etc.  Why did you start yoga? I did my first yoga class when I [...]

Patty Miles

Favourite pose? Uttanasana - Standing forward bend. When I’m in this pose I feel like my responsibilities and worry cascade down my spine and off my shoulders. As if all of the weight I carry lifts off [...]

Cat Pham

Favourite pose At the moment, legs up the wall is my go-to pose to release tension in my legs and lower back after a long day. It helps me to unwind and is gentle on [...]

Elise Maisonneuve

Favourite pose It varies every couple of months or so for me, depending on what I feel like I need. Right now it's child's pose. I use it to help me ground down multiple times [...]