Back Bending Workshop


Back Bending Workshop

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Friday 26 May


Facilitated by Heather


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The term “back bending” can be misleading as there are so many different components of the body that are working, not just the back.

A precise back bending practice is challenging because a heightened sense of bodily awareness is required to access the appropriate muscle groups to work efficiently in back bends. They can be a challenge for us both physically and mentally and one of the most challenging categories of yoga postures for many practitioners. Fear and a desire to avoid them are a common experience.

Back bending is great for the nervous system and the physical body to develop the range of strength and opening necessary for a balanced internal experience.

Psychologically, back bends teach us to be more patient with ourselves and offer valuable lessons such as discipline and care.

On an energetic level, backbends allow for deep heart opening.

In this workshop, we will examine techniques for practicing backbends in a safe and effective way.

We will explore the balance between effort and surrender, putting together a sequence to lengthen the front side of the body, upper back, and hips in order to free the spine, strengthening and working from the legs and the core to create stability within the poses.

After the work comes the reward – a series of slow deep stretches and a cosy guided meditation before Savasana. The workshop is open to students of all levels who have had some basic exposure to any form of yoga. More gentle variations will be available for individual students and as always the option is to rest!


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