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You’ve come to the right place. We know a thing or two about stress and we have yoga classes that will get you calm in no time. We get what it’s like to be busy, overwhelmed and tense which is why our yoga classes are the perfect remedy for hectic lives. Cultivate Calm Yoga is the yoga studio in Brisbane to relax, calm down and find peace of mind while getting fit, flexible and strong.

Tired all the time?

A busy life can take its toll on the body and the nervous system. Instead of fighting fatigue with hardcore workouts, why not nurture yourself with gentle yoga and relaxation classes that will reboot your nervous system, naturally restore your energy and have you sleeping better in just a few weeks? Our yoga and meditation classes are designed to bring balance back to the body and mind, providing a natural re-set button so you can return to your optimal health.

Stiff, achy, tense?

Maybe you sit at a computer all day and feel like you’re turning into a hunchback?
Maybe you’re on your feet all day and your lower back is screaming?
Or maybe your neck is caning from so much texting?

With a regular yoga practice you can ditch the chiropractor, physio, osteo and massage and treat your own aches and pains through strengthening, stretching, relaxation and awareness. So many of our regular clients have found a natural way to manage their aches and pains and saved a tonne of money too.

Want to get fit or lose weight?

Our yoga classes aren’t just for relaxation. Expect to work up a sweat in our Vinyasa yoga classes and if you come regularly and watch what you eat, you will feel better.

Want to be more flexible?

Yoga is the best way to improve your flexibility. It takes more than a few stretches to develop flexibility and without proper technique you could injure yourself. Learn awesome stretching techniques from some of the best yoga teachers in Brisbane.

Cultivate Calm Yoga in Brisbane is the place to relax, calm down and find peace while stretching, strengthening and toning your body.

 Yoga for beginners

New to yoga? We have a 5 week beginner’s yoga course that will take you from raw beginner to confident yogi. This is one of the most comprehensive beginner’s yoga courses in Brisbane featuring two teachers and smaller class sizes. Our next course starts in  June 2016.

You don’t need to enroll in the 5 Week Beginner’s Course to start yoga with us. Just turn up to a Vinyasa Basics class 15 minutes early.

Which yoga class is right for me?

We offer two main styles of yoga – Vinyasa and Yin yoga. There are beginner-friendly options for both classes but there’s a BIG difference between the two. Expect to work up a sweat with Vinyasa yoga whereas you may become so relaxed in your Yin Yoga class that you fall asleep. With daily Yin YogaVinyasa Yoga and heaps of beginner’s yoga classes there’s sure to be a class that suits you.


brisbane yogaVinyasa Yoga Brisbane

Vinyasa yoga means moving with the breath. It is an active and dynamic yoga class combining strength, balance and flexibility. If you’re looking for an all-round yoga class then this is for you. We have three differing levels of Vinyasa yoga classes to suit your level of practice.


beginners yoga brisbane

Yin Yoga Brisbane

Yin yoga is a slow, deep stretch class focusing on flexibility and mental stillness. It’s great for beginners and advanced yogis and the emphasis is on finding stillness – physical and mental. While it may look easy (lying around on the floor), don’t be fooled, the challenge with this class is mental. If you’re in need of natural ways to manage stress and anxiety, then this yoga class is for you. With daily Yin Yoga classes we are Brisbane’s premier Yin Yoga Studio and you don’t need to be fit or flexible to attend.


meditation classes brisbaneMeditation Brisbane

We offer a weekly meditation class on Sundays to help you connect with yourself on a deeper level. This class is suitable for people who’ve never meditated before as well as those who meditate regularly. We also offer workshops and courses on meditation and you can download a guided meditation from our online shop.


Not sure if Cultivate Calm Yoga is for you?

There are a lot of yoga studios in Brisbane, many of them with great teachers. So why choose us?

Our yoga classes are more about calming our busy mind than they are about ego, competition and what you look like. Just like a perfect looking apple may have a worm that’s eating away on the inside, our focus is on how you feel in both body and mind. Our brand of yoga is not just exercise or fitness based, we practise traditional yoga with a modern twist.

If you just want a workout without the spiritual stuff, go to the gym. If you’re not interested in mindfulness, cultivating presence and meditation, then our classes aren’t for you

While our yoga classes are strong, fun and challenging, they aren’t hardcore and we won’t push you beyond your limits.  To us, yoga is not about perfecting the pose, it’s about feeling good on the inside.

Beginners and older people aren’t intimidated by our classes as our beginner yoga classes are really accessible. If you want an authentic yoga practice, if you want to calm your mind, if you want to experience an inner sense of space then our yoga classes are for you.

Best of all you don’t need to book, just show up and all the equipment is provided.

And even though we offer the variety of classes of larger yoga studios in Brisbane, to us you’re more than a number or barcode, you are the fabric of our vibrant Brisbane yoga community.

Located in Brisbane’s inner East, we are just 2km from the Brisbane CBD and really accessible (with free parking!) to people living in Kangaroo Point, West End, South Brisbane, Woolloongabba, Annerley, Greenslopes, Coorparoo, Holland Park, Norman Park, Camp Hill, Morningside, Bulimba and Hawthorne.